Le D’Este Proche Airbus Et Hôpital

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⁎⁎⁎⁎Le D'Este Proche Airbus Et Hôpital OFFERT⁎⁎⁎⁎

You will have access to a Accommodation that can accommodate 4 travelers on the second floor with Lift.

Ideal for your internships, training and patient visits.

Close to Airbus sites.

Purpan hospital in the immediate vicinity.

⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎
✔ Composed of a Living room with a 3-seater Convertible Sofa for sleeping two people, HD flat screen TV, WIFI connection.

✔ A bedroom equipped with a 140 bed and a fitted cupboard.

✔ A Kitchen area fully equipped for your comfort with LAUNDRY WASHER, DISHWASHER, INDUCTION PLATE and everything you need to be Independent.

✔ Has a Bathroom with Bathtub to relax after a hard day.

✔ And A Terrace allows you to enjoy the Southern Sun during the summer.

⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎
Receive your Welcome GUIDE when booking:

✔ My TOP 3 Walking Tours, for more ecological Visits
✔ My TOP 3 illustrated Transport and Maps maps to help you move around the Pink City without worries.
✔ My Selection of the 3 Best Restaurants in Toulouse, in order to discover the Gastronomy of the South West
✔ My 15 ideas for Outings and TOP Deals to make the most of your stay in Toulouse.

⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎

✔Tea, Free Coffee.

✔PARKING Included Without Supplement.

✔ Sheets and towels for the duration of the stay

✔ Dishwasher pastilles.

✔Dosettes Washing Machine.

✔ Shower Gel and Shampoo.

⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎
The D’Este Near Airbus And Hospital:

You are close to all amenities to facilitate your trips.
PARKING space INCLUDED in the service.

✔ ROMAN ARENA Tram stop at 200m
✔ Direct ACCESS to Blagnac airport via the Tramway
✔ Immediate access to Purpan Hospital.
✔ Bike station in front of the Residence,
✔ Bus stop in front of the Residence
✔5 min walk from Carrefour Purpan and these restaurants, Leader Price, BIO store, McDonald’s,
✔5 min from the Airport (car)
✔15 min STADIUM Toulouse
✔10 min from ZÉNITH (tram)
✔7 min Stade Rugby Ernest Wallon (car)
✔20 min from the Capitol (tram + metro line A)
✔10 min from AIRBUS Complexes

Access for travelers:

✔ Full Access to Housing.

✔ Enter the AUTONOMOUS apartment via a Mobile App. You arrive whenever you want from 4:00 p.m., more flexibility.

✔ At the end of your stay, the DEPARTURE must be before 12 noon.

⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎⁎ ⁎
Other remarks:

If you want to Book the apartment for TWO and use the TWO BEDS (1 Bed Each).
A Supplement of 13 euros for the Additional Bed Linen Set will be paid by Credit Card, through a Secure Link, BEFORE your Arrival.


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160 Avenue de Casselardit 31300 Toulouse, France